Mediameter is aimed at improving the professional and ethical standards of media reporting and analysis

Mediameter is a research and scientific-expert project designed to monitor the development of the print media in Serbia through both analysis of value judgments and discourse analysis. The research hypothesis, which had no impact on the statistical, professional and scientific analysis, was based on an important premise that there are a significant number of daily newspapers and weeklies in the market, but, at the same time, the lack of quality news, research and analysis is noticeable, especially compared to the European practices and standards.

Mediameter is aimed at improving the professional and ethical standards of media reporting and analysis. The report is a scientific and professional support to all public policy participants. Support to the media, government, opposition, analysts and the public.

The research methodology has been prepared by a team with extensive experience in this field in accordance with the highest scientific standards. The result of the Mediameter is a database which can be used by all participants in public life when analyzing the Serbian media. This report does not evaluate the editorial policy of the media nor does it state value judgments. This report is a scientific analysis aimed at terminating the practice of arbitrary interpretation of media contents. The lack of statistical data and facts on the print media in Serbia has led to the constant improvisation when talking about the state of the media, media freedom and editorial policy. The same questions can be answered in diametrically opposed ways depending on the viewing angle.

We believe that the Mediameter would encourage other participants to launch similar projects, thus eventually making it possible to assess the state of the media in Serbia as accurate and reasoned.

Our intention is to make this report a permanent and credible, professional and valuable corrective, overview of the situation with no intermediaries.

Mediameter is particularly aimed at:

  • The media: in order to improve professional and ethical standards of media reporting
  • The public: which lacks credible data about the way the media cover topics of importance to society
  • The diplomatic community and foreign investors: media performances are the reflection of general social, political and economic performances of each individual community,
  • All actors of public policy which lacks timely, scientific and expert analysis of media reporting.